The act of voting feels less like an act of communal solidarity than an angry tribal denunciation of the other side

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Why did the titans of British politics do so little to heal the Brexit rift?

Why not cancel Nancy Astor?

29 Nov / 4 mins

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How a national identity crisis became the subject of international ridicule

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Is this the end for Labour?

13 Dec / 4 mins

It would be too easy to pin the blame for the election calamity on Corbyn

Why Glasgow deserves better

05 Dec / 7 mins

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Each of the main parties is woefully inadequate; I'm voting for none of the above

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The Ideal Scotsman casts an empathetic eye over the men who wear tartan skirts

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SJWs don't want to improve society. They want to overthrow the existing social order

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Following his resounding win, the PM will no longer be able to leave his political creed undefined

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Behind the Tory victory stands a mass of voices that have long been excluded from politics

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Male and female are scientific reality — even if Jo Swinson doesn't agree

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Both Left and Right have turned on California, tired of the dysfunctional state's hypocrisy

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Gifting may be economically illiterate — but giving the right present is so good for the soul

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The Tory tradition could be under threat in a slab of rock-solid Surrey

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Cancel culture is not about righting wrongs or making the world more tolerant

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The Potteries voted to Leave by the biggest margin of any large town or city. A local lad went back to his birthplace to find out why

Macron’s Brexit plan

10 Oct / 6 mins

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There are huge demographic challenges facing the Conservative Party in coming years

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