The newly rebadged MP is a company man through and through

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The trouble with TIGgers

26 Feb / 4 mins

The new centrist party is trying to take us back to the future

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There's a problem at the heart of the #MeToo movement

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Like Labour, I used to be tin-eared, patronising and certain in my own moral rectitude

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Cuba killed my communism

18 Oct / 4 mins

When I was a teenager, I thought I had all the answers

The war against objectivity

14 Aug / 4 mins

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Jeremy Corbyn's absurd virtue signalling feeds an oppressive problem

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Voters would rather have a lie that draws a smile, than the truth

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Big tech is out of touch

10 Feb / 4 mins

Blinded by its own bright light, Silicon Valley has forgotten what the real world looks like

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Cancel culture is not about righting wrongs or making the world more tolerant

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Writing from women who understand the power of persuasion

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We need to release land, break up the banks and reboot capitalism

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Her disabilities forced me to see everything differently

Have we forgotten Syria?

20 Sep / 4 mins

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