Can the new bishop save the Church from panicky missionary initiatives and risk assessments?

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Showing respect for Left-behind communities doesn't constitute an attack on metropolitan values

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The response to the free speech petition has once again exposed the intolerance of the Left

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The lack of outrage over the regime's behaviour betrays a deep hypocrisy and lack of principle

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A quarter of a century ago, the UK enabled a genocide to take place. Are we doing it again?

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The Domestic Violence Bill doesn't do enough to protect victims from the actions of violent partners

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Matthew Crawford's new book is one of the most original works of practical philosophy to be published in years

How apocalyptic is now?

13 May / 6 mins

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Those hardest hit by the Great Lockdown are the ones who were already rejecting mainstream politics

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The stumbling President's innate scepticism could yet be a threat to the Democrats

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Our indifference to patriotic culture suggests we've hit a new civilisational low

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Someone thought it a good idea to force children to undergo the dubious 'implicit bias' training

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Is Trump about to quit?

03 Jul / 5 mins

Those keenest for the President to drop out of the race are some of his more serious supporters

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Whether it's lockdown regulations or welfare payments, one-size-fits-all is not the answer

Can our mental health cope?

26 Mar / 4 mins

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Westminster has become so toxic not even Tony Blair wants his kids to become MPs

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So what if you stand up for women's rights, or find Louis CK funny? It’s time to stop pandering to the mob

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The clan has run the French far-right for 50 years. But is it about to be usurped?

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How anti-Semitic is BLM?

10 Jul / 4 mins

If you would educate yourself about racism, you should educate yourself about all racism

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'The Revolt of the Elites' detailed how capitalism would radicalise the rich

Why the rich are revolting

10 Jun / 7 mins

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