The bright side of death

26 Mar / 5 mins

Lent reminds us that uncomfortable periods of life can offer us a great deal of wisdom

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How today's prevailing political positions measure up against a pandemic

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If we don't draw a distinction between the Right and the far-Right, we'll lose our ability to recognise which is which

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Two new books about extremism reveal how Islamists and neo-Nazis depend on each other

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Millions will need protecting from Covid-19 hardship — here's how the unions can help

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The search for romantic love, as a new book suggests, was always a fool's errand

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We need young women to stop shouting 'blow jobs are real jobs' and start engaging in meaningful activism

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The response to the Conservative proposal combines high-minded hysteria with ignorance of history

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Mega events, like the Covid-19 outbreak, can cause voters to radically switch political allegiances

All the lies about Leavers

31 Jan / 6 mins

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Their more moderate response is as much about politics as science

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Spending all day every day at home with my spouse and child is already my normal

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The Democrat hopeful looks like an amateur, even as Trump risks American lives

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The WHO has failed us again

01 Apr / 6 mins

This isn't the first time the World Health Organisation has let politics get in the way of saving lives

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The panic from millennials in the face of a little adversity troubles me

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Agro-industry demands consistency — which is anathema to authentic French cheese

Macron’s Brexit plan

10 Oct / 6 mins

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The director's critics don't seem to realise that when you replace law with rage, you destroy your own protections

What should I read my son?

06 Mar / 5 mins

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Why conservatism is doomed

09 Mar / 9 mins

Despite Tory election victories, the Right still faces huge problems ahead

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