Bad things happen when conformity is mistaken for balance

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Why has an absurd story about Oxbridge access not caused more of a stir?

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Reality is being commandeered to suit nonsense politics

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Like the wider Left, the TUC doesn’t do working-class revolts any more

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Too few of those agitating for a second referendum have reflected on the lessons of 2016

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Are you truly unfakeable?

19 Feb / 4 mins

The waters of AI are rising, so too is the risk of abuse

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Leftist critics of JK Rowling's novels show how partisanship rots the brain

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To win back trust, Big Tech needs to hand power to the people

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The very men tasked with making life better for women are making their lives infinitely worse

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Big tech is out of touch

10 Feb / 4 mins

Blinded by its own bright light, Silicon Valley has forgotten what the real world looks like

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Brush up on your economics – and start the year on an optimistic note

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The 2019 Franco-Italian war

12 Feb / 8 mins

As France withdraws its ambassador to Rome, might European jealousies break the EU

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Bidisha’s Christmas Reading – for victims of abuse, #MeToo truth-telling is the first step

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The most important battle in the Conservative party isn't over Brexit, it's over capitalism

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It doesn't take long for a nation to normalise death on demand

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Mike Leigh's new film risks glorifying violence and falsifying history

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Who wants to live forever?

19 Sep / 4 mins

Life expectancy has increased enormously for some – but at what cost?

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