A digital dystopia in which the worth of every citizen will be reduced to a single number

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Western countries aren't resilient enough for another financial crisis – unlike China

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Within a decade, maybe sooner, there could be a majority opinion favouring Irish unity

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The glossy mag wallows in the conveniences of capitalism while also calling for that system's destruction

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The tone of public debate is now one of permanent rancour, growing fiercer and more vituperative

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The liberal class’s fetishisation of ‘yoof’ risks debasing the entire electoral process

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Spain's centre-Left PSOE party may be in government, but their power is wafer-thin

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A 10-point jump in average IQ would correlate to a doubling of the national economy

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Who commands the internet?

01 Oct / 4 mins

The winners of the digital revolution will be those who own the 'plumbing'

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Celebrating women who use their brains while criminalising women who use their bodies is elitist and hypocritical

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Close comrades of the respectable working classes, the lower middle classes are also being ignored

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The most important battle in the Conservative party isn't over Brexit, it's over capitalism

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Scoops of global importance are being reported by a new breed of journalist

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Mike Leigh's new film risks glorifying violence and falsifying history

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Who wants to live forever?

19 Sep / 4 mins

Life expectancy has increased enormously for some – but at what cost?

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