How to argue with a racist

23 Jan / 5 mins

Adam Rutherford's new book wrestles with the difficult subject of race and science

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Dear Chancellor, we’ve written your speech for you — no need to thank us

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My party was wrecked by liberals and Toytown revolutionaries. Here's how to vanquish them

Is this the end for Labour?

13 Dec / 4 mins

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The modern Labour Party decries patriotism and believes Britain's enemies always 'have a point'

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The presenter's victory isn't an elitist moment: it's part of a long battle for equality and dignity

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Xi Jinping is not leading the nation on a path of slow evolution towards liberal democracy

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Donald Trump will win, national populism in Europe will continue apace and the Green movement will grow

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The finest minds lose all their nuance when they get political on Twitter

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Notionally scientific parenting questions are in truth vehicles for class and cultural debates

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Why the drugs don’t work

21 Jan / 5 mins

Thousands are given ineffective medicines because trial data is purposely skewed

How racist are you?

15 Jan / 7 mins

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Kurt Anderson's Fantasyland explores the US tendency to blur fact with fiction

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Thanks to celebrities, more people are demanding help — while those most in need are overlooked

How liars become leaders

27 Dec / 4 mins

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Norway has eradicated child road deaths. With the same political will we could fix some of our most intractable issues

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Cancel culture is not about righting wrongs or making the world more tolerant

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The Potteries voted to Leave by the biggest margin of any large town or city. A local lad went back to his birthplace to find out why

Macron’s Brexit plan

10 Oct / 6 mins

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If the duchy is to survive Brexit, it needs better infrastructure

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British liberals have created a Europe of their imagination, but how closely does it resemble reality?

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