The best defence against groupthink is not knowledge, but curiosity

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Amid the Senator's facile and flawed analysis of America, hides the seed of a good idea

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What’s the point of giving aid if we also supply the guns and bombs?

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A churchful of worshippers with cameraphones caused a moment of epiphany

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The tone of public debate is now one of permanent rancour, growing fiercer and more vituperative

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Society is fracturing because we forgot the politics of belonging

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Our idyllic view of Britain's countryside communities belies deep social problems

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Europe’s biggest test yet

14 Dec / 6 mins

The 2019 EU elections will prove populism is here to stay

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Tom Chivers's Christmas Reading – learning about the past reminds us how good we have it today

How racist is Britain?

14 Dec / 6 mins

How bigoted is Brexit?

04 Dec / 5 mins

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Polly MacKenzie's Christmas Reading – Anne Fadiman's essential works on wine lovers, refugees and the value of books

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The push of society and the pull of technology is causing a crisis in South Korea – and beyond

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There are authentic efforts to clean up working practices – and there's corporate window-dressing

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Celebrating women who use their brains while criminalising women who use their bodies is elitist and hypocritical

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The corruption of expertise for political advantage is never very clever

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Bidisha’s Christmas Reading – for victims of abuse, #MeToo truth-telling is the first step

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The most important battle in the Conservative party isn't over Brexit, it's over capitalism

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Can these corpulent and complacent corporations mend their ways?

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Mike Leigh's new film risks glorifying violence and falsifying history

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Who wants to live forever?

19 Sep / 4 mins

Life expectancy has increased enormously for some – but at what cost?

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