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UnHerd.com is a new media platform with a double mission. Our aim is to appeal to people who instinctively refuse to follow the herd, and we also want to investigate ‘unheard’ ideas, individuals and communities. We’re not a news site. We focus our journalism on the significant events going on in the world, filtering out the distractions to give our readers what they really need to know.

We have five big themes: capitalism, technology, flyover country, religion, and groupthink. We believe that good political coverage should go beyond what’s overheard in Westminster or on Capitol Hill and covering the economy should mean exploring the world beyond Wall Street and Davos.

UnHerd is non-partisan. We are home to fresh thinking and free minds from across the political spectrum. We want to challenge groupthink – particularly in the media – and to help our readers break out of their political echo chambers.

We’re always looking for new writers. So if you have an idea for an evidence-based comment piece, a thoughtful essay, or an article that brings to life a universal issue through local reportage then get in touch at sally.chatterton@unherd.com.

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