About UnHerd

UnHerd.com is a new media platform with a double mission. Our aim is to appeal to people who instinctively refuse to follow the herd, and we also want to investigate ‘unheard’ ideas, individuals and communities. We focus our journalism on the significant events going on in the world, filtering out the distractions to give our readers what they really need to know.

We can’t criticise herd-like behaviour and be a herd ourselves. That’s why our team of writers includes people from the Right and Left, for example. We have contributors from both liberal and conservative dispositions; staffers who believe in God and atheists. When we produce further reading sections at the end of articles, we’ll link to intelligent commentators, books, TED talks, websites etc etc that take different views to those of the article’s author. You should decide what you think – not us for you.

And we want to expand our ‘un-herd’. We launched with many established commentators as our key contributors, but one of my top priorities as Editor is to find new writers and we are inviting people to apply for editorial commissions by submitting examples of their work using this form.

We may look a lot like an online newspaper and we’ll be publishing new material each and every day… but we don’t do news. Not most news, anyway.

We will be largely focused on six themes: capitalism, global affairs, technology, flyover country, religion and the media. When there’s big news about these themes, we’ll cover that. But, unlike nearly every media organisation, we don’t even have a television in our office.

Our mission is to help readers understand the big trends shaping our planet. Good political coverage should go beyond what’s overheard in Westminster. And covering the economy should mean exploring the world beyond Wall Street.

We obsessively scour the news to find what’s important, so that our readers don’t have to. We strive to give them the information they need to make smart choices about what to believe, leaving aside the stuff that wastes their time.


Tim Montgomerie, Editor

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