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Why I’ve reported Douglas Murray to the police

Douglas Murray's latest is an Alt-right handbook: 300 pages of hateful bile – on white paper, no less

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Giles Fraser
10:27, 21 September 2019
‘Community’ hits the mainstream with Alain de Botton

You know something has really hit the mainstream when Alain de Botton starts talking about it...

Statistically, you shouldn’t believe the news

It's easy to misinterpret data, says Tom Chivers. Luckily David Spiegelhalter's book has some useful tips about understanding headline figures.

Would anyone prefer football to rugby?

It's time to accept that we are at our best on the rugby pitch. It is, after all, a morally superior sport.

How identity politics drove the world mad

Douglas Murray's brave new book challenges the mass denunciations and character assassinations at the heart of 'progressive' modern discourse

Why you can’t dress up a state school

Despite our progress, there's a reason the education gap is so vast between the state and private school systems

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How Jeremy Corbyn could get the top job

Don't panic! And certainly don't join a 'progressive alliance' — five ways Labour could use the ensuing crisis to its advantage

Stop hating on vaping

The hysteria over e-cigarettes could cost lives

Why conservatism is failing

It's no wonder Tories are characterised as heartless plutocrats

Who will miss John Humphrys?

In a political climate saturated with sophisticated deception, old-school sceptics help us stay connected to the truth

‘Fake news’ is old hat in Northern Ireland

The BBC's 'Spotlight on The Troubles' series shows that the decay of political language is not a new phenomenon

Don’t let the liberals write our constitution

The constitution is at breaking point – but if we're going to codify it, we should keep these five principles in mind

The history Putin doesn’t want you to hear

The 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland is still a touchstone issue – as the case of a Russian blogger found guilty of “rehabilitating Nazism” shows.

The 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland is still a touchstone issue – as the case of a Russian blogger found guilty of “rehabilitating Nazism” shows.

A dire warning for our old political system

Established parties are being rendered irrelevant by social change

Tim Bale Tim Bale 5 mins
Is conservatism normalising the alt-Right?

Many academics claim that under the Trump administration white supremacy is now mainstream. But how closely linked are the centre and Alt-Right?

Freddie Sayers
Our favourite signs from the #ClimateStrike protest

Popped down to the Climate Strike protest in Westminster. Some families having a nice day out…

16:40, 20 September 2019
Peter Franklin
Don’t miss today’s good news on climate

Today marks the start of the Global Climate Strike – a week-long series of protests against…

13:55, 20 September 2019
Giles Fraser
New book puts John Rawls in the dock

A fascinating article in the Boston Review casts a critical eye over the legacy of philosopher John…

08:04, 20 September 2019
Freddie Sayers
Osborne sticks it to Dave, with love

George Osborne is so steeped in politics he just can't help himself. His review of the…

15:53, 19 September 2019
Elizabeth Oldfield
A timely defence of “stubborn gladness”

Am I allowed to feel joyful? It's an argument I often have with myself. And I recently…

12:40, 19 September 2019
Paul Embery
You wouldn’t think it, but David Lammy was once a thoughtful MP

There was a time when David Lammy wasn’t the provocative rabble-rouser that he is today. Elected…

07:00, 19 September 2019
Ed West
Tucker Carlson: America’s most important pundit

Here’s a rare “Question to which the Answer Is Yes” in a headline. In The New…

14:52, 18 September 2019
Peter Franklin
Report: Anarchists vs centrists is the new Left vs Right

Today the Social Market Foundation launched a report that claims to reveal an unrecognised but "critical"…

12:05, 18 September 2019
Freddie Sayers
Miranda Green’s tough love for the Lib Dems

A final word on the Liberal Democrats, from the FT's Miranda Green. Formerly Paddy Ashdown's press…

10:11, 18 September 2019
Have we forgotten Syria?

This intimate account of life during the war serves as a reminder that the appalling conflict continues to corrode nations and destroy lives

The cultural appropriation America needs

The myths of Native American nations are at risk of being lost for ever. They should be part of the mainstream cultural vocabulary.

We aren’t getting the best from our brains

What would be madness in healthcare is standard practice in education.

Inside the rotten heart of the EU

Corrupt, undemocratic and hypocritical. As an MEP I've seen Brussels at its worst

Who will speak for today’s working class?

The upper echelons of the Church now appeal more to Remain-supporting Hampstead than Leave-supporting Hartlepool

The upper echelons of the Church now appeal more to Remain-supporting Hampstead than Leave-supporting Hartlepool

Brexit, Thunberg and the dangers of blind hope

Aeschylus’ take on Prometheus is a handy tool for cutting through all manner of confusing situations to reach the core of human behaviour: blind hope

The EU’s soul-destroying rhetoric

The 'European way of life' needs protecting from secularists, not migrants

The exploited underclass is revolting

Callum Cant's optimistic new book about the gig economy examines the ways the 'roos' are rising up

Downton Abbey makes fools of us all

Why are we watching propaganda for a dying class?

What’s David Cameron hiding?

The former PM has said little since his departure following the Brexit defeat. A biographer suggests what the memoir should reveal — and what he'll miss out

Why life should be a risky business

Embracing uncertainty is fundamentally human


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

Box set: Back to school

Our writers remember their school days...

Who needs schools anyway?

What homeschooling taught me – and my kids

The schools that Britain forgot

Techs were created to educate a new class

Lessons in landing a rich husband

At my school, learning too much was forbidden

The victims of a liberal education

I was one of the lucky ones at my idealistic sixth form

Box set: Beyond Brexit

Pledge cards for a post-Brexit manifesto

Five ways to fix broken Britain

In polarised times, the public has lost confidence in government

In polarised times, the public has lost confidence in government

Ditch the City, enrich the nation

Brexit will bring opportunities to build, skill up – and get high

Can politics cope with the digital age?

We need to work out how to govern our digital spaces