UnHerd Britain

We commissioned a unique poll to find out how Britain's 632 constituencies differ on six big issues

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Labour’s lost love for Leave

BY Richard Johnson / 6 mins

Boston and the tragedy of Brexitland

BY Jacob Furedi / 7 mins

Introducing UnHerd Britain 2023

BY Freddie Sayers / 4 mins

Should the rich pay more tax?

BY James Kanagasooriam / 3 mins

Jeremy Corbyn’s return to the Seventies

BY David Kogan / 5 mins

The truth about free speech in Britain

BY Peter Hitchens / 5 mins

Where in Britain does ‘do God’?

BY Giles Fraser / 4 mins

Who cares about immigration?

BY Eric Kaufmann / 6 mins

A boy in a dress is just a boy in a dress

BY Debbie Hayton / 4 mins

Has trans activism gone too far?

BY Douglas Murray / 4 mins

No wonder politicians won’t talk about gender

BY James Kirkup / 3 mins

The royalty loyalty of the working classes

BY Paul Embery / 3 mins

Brexit didn’t cause all our divisions

BY Freddie Sayers / 4 mins

Call yourself a Monarchist?

BY James Kanagasooriam / 4 mins

Does Scotland resent the Royals?

BY Euan McColm / 3 mins