The clergy woefully lack political diversity

How pasta made me a Terf

09 Jun / 4 mins

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There's a power struggle at the heart of government

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There's a reason disenchanted liberals won't switch sides

How Stonewall was exposed

22 Oct / 5 mins

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In the long battle for power, Keir Starmer is already playing clever politics

China’s useful idiots

11 Dec / 5 mins

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Today's SJWs believe all that needs to be done to bring about a new world is to destroy the old one

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Vindictive protectiveness has re-shaped our institutions

The future is Marine Le Pen

14 Apr / 6 mins

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England can lead the world out of pandemic

Why Plan B is a mistake

09 Dec / 3 mins

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It sounds cruel — but a small number of deaths would be worth it

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In defence of class

10 Feb / 5 mins

There's security in knowing your place in life

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Let Boris have a nap

21 Jan / 4 mins

Why is the need for sleep seen as a sign of weakness?

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Its departure signals the start of a new cold war

How China made Covid worse

09 Dec / 8 mins

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While progressives tweeted, churches serving indigenous communities burned

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My life as a Tory Boy

02 Oct / 7 mins

How long can I vote for a government I dislike?

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