Question life all you want – but it has no meaning without our shared humanity

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The lesson is a simple one: be careful who you associate with

Restorations always fail

16 Dec / 8 mins

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Andy Ngo's family came to the US to escape Communist tyranny — now he's fleeing a political mob

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Will Labour ever repent?

11 Dec / 6 mins

If the party can win back Don Valley, it can win back the nation

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In the long battle for power, Keir Starmer is already playing clever politics

China’s useful idiots

11 Dec / 5 mins

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Ten years ago, a woman died at the hands of a man every three days. Today, little has changed

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Today's SJWs believe all that needs to be done to bring about a new world is to destroy the old one

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How will Covid shape 2021?

01 Jan / 5 mins

With the pandemic routed, old political problems will resurface

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In times of crisis we should encourage — not penalise — critical thinking

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The heroism of heavy metal

20 Jan / 6 mins

The genre was born of Britain's imperial grandeur and industrial might

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A ferocious row has broken out among scientists over the reliability of the lateral flow method

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If you hate your country, you cannot change it

A victory for Trumpism

04 Nov / 4 mins

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Let Boris have a nap

21 Jan / 4 mins

Why is the need for sleep seen as a sign of weakness?

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Campaigning in a bulletproof vest, he speaks to young Africans' fierce desire for change

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No one smiles in the foodshares except the volunteers, who grin brightly

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Donald Trump isn't the only problem: liberty depends on the virtues social media erodes

Brexit: was it worth it?

29 Dec / 6 mins

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