Whatever Sheffield Cathedral thinks, beautiful choral music is not elitist. It's how we approach the divine

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A Land Value Tax would help pay for the Covid crisis — and give more people the chance to own a home

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The relentless message of disunity promoted by BLM erodes any solidarity we gained under lockdown

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The Left is still more obsessed with identity politics than finding ways to win back the working class

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Tackling overeating is far more complicated than just telling people to make better choices

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The local authorities' approach to prostitution facilitates trafficking, assault — and even murder

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In the Dorset parish of Chaldon Herring, 20th century intellectuals imagined a philosophy beyond Christianity

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A new report shows the extent of intolerance towards unorthodox thinkers in British academia

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Anders Tegnell, architect of a unique response to the pandemic, defends his approach

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Rationalism is starting to look a bit cringe, and faith is making a comeback

The world according to LARP

15 Jul / 6 mins

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The true number of people who've had the virus could be double current estimates

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Even if it wins this year, the Left seems incapable of bringing the country together

Is Trump about to quit?

03 Jul / 5 mins

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Whether it's lockdown regulations or welfare payments, one-size-fits-all is not the answer

Can our mental health cope?

26 Mar / 4 mins

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Westminster has become so toxic not even Tony Blair wants his kids to become MPs

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So what if you stand up for women's rights, or find Louis CK funny? It’s time to stop pandering to the mob

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The clan has run the French far-right for 50 years. But is it about to be usurped?

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The failed presidential candidate was a victim of America's misogyny

How anti-Semitic is BLM?

10 Jul / 4 mins

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Many Brexit voters would feel more at home in the EU than in the new Global Britain

Why the rich are revolting

10 Jun / 7 mins

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