UnHerd Britain 2023

Find out what your constituency really thinks.

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Welcome to Britain’s Hungry Twenties

BY Tom Clark / 6 mins

Why doesn’t Britain regret lockdown?

BY Freddie Sayers / 5 mins

How the King conquered Essex

BY Tim Burrows / 4 mins

Why doesn’t Scotland love King Charles?

BY Daniel Kalder / 7 mins

The eviction of England’s rural workers

BY Rebecca Smith / 5 mins

What’s driving Britain’s anti-migrant protests?

BY Thomas Fazi / 7 mins

Conspiracies are the price of freedom

BY Terry Eagleton / 6 mins

The fairy-tale allure of conspiracies

BY Mary Harrington / 6 mins

The truth about conspiracy Britain

BY Freddie Sayers / 5 mins

The problem with ‘trans women are women’

BY Kathleen Stock / 7 mins

Scotland turns on gender ideology

BY Freddie Sayers / 4 mins

The French love to hate Brexit

BY Anne-Elisabeth Moutet / 6 mins

Brexit has galvanised Welsh independence

BY Martin Johnes / 4 mins

Boston and the tragedy of Brexitland

BY Jacob Furedi / 7 mins

Introducing UnHerd Britain 2023

BY Freddie Sayers / 4 mins

Labour is winning the Brexit revolution

BY Tom McTague / 5 mins