Today's Edition, 1 June 2023

The Oxford kids are alright

Students aren't the source of the culture wars — they're the solution

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Is DEI to blame for falling college numbers?

Aggressive ideological projects are putting young Americans off

| 1 June

Why Ron DeSantis can’t meme

The Online Right has no time for frauds

The Online Right has no time for frauds

Poetry has lost its violence

Censorious prudes miss the point of art

Censorious prudes miss the point of art

How Tokyo crushed the Nimbys

Property ownership is not a religion

Property ownership is not a religion

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Is DEI to blame for falling college numbers?

Aggressive ideological projects are putting young Americans off

| 1 June

Why Gen Z prefers dogs to babies

Tinder is now selling a childless dream

America’s fake bankruptcy crisis

Debt-ceiling hysteria is little more than political theatre

The betrayal of white working-class men

They've been recast as the elite's salivating attack dogs

Kylie Minogue’s glorious artifice

We can't insulate ourselves from our mortality

The false logic of slavery reparations

Modern Americans should not pay for past crimes

The liberal complacency of Martin Amis

His exquisite style hid a squalid sense of morality

What Xi can learn from Tsar Nicholas

China's stability is just an illusion

The political dynasty America needs

Chris Sununu will beat Biden at his own game

Is Ron DeSantis the next Ted Cruz?

Trump has rendered his style of politics obsolete


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

Top French diplomat: the ‘Western moment’ is over

Gérard Araud says that we have entered a multipolar world

Kathleen Stock: I feel sorry for the students trying to ban me

The philosopher speaks about the confusion of the younger generation

Robert Kennedy Jr: America needs a revolution

The 2024 outsider on Biden, Ukraine and Covid misinformation

We need to tell the truth about Crimea

Pretending the peninsula will return to Ukraine is dangerous

Martin Gurri: why the media was terrified of the Pentagon leaker

The CIA analyst on how Gen Z might threaten the security state


Will the law finally stand up to Just Stop Oil?

Forthcoming legal changes could empower police to intervene

| 1 June

For his own good, Boris should make a strategic retreat

A temporary break from politics could set up a comeback


The war is coming to Russia’s elites

Ukrainian attacks have dented an aura of invincibility in Moscow


Is Canada’s west looking to break free from Justin Trudeau?

A conservative victory in Alberta lays the groundwork for separation


Is Mark Zuckerberg secretly ‘based’?

The Facebook founder’s hobbies suggest an embrace of Right-wing aesthetics


The latest media obsession: Latino white supremacists

A spate of recent articles has identified a curious trend

| 31 May

Expect Russia’s drone attacks to intensify

Strikes on Kyiv are more about provoking a response than strategic gain

| 31 May

Black Lives Matter deserves to go broke

Public filings reveal that one of the movement's key groups is bleeding cash

| 30 May

Recession in Germany is a sign of Europe’s deindustrialisation

A lack of access to cheap energy has made the continent less competitive


Keir Starmer stays silent after Rishi Sunak defends Kathleen Stock

The PM weighed in ahead of her Oxford Union appearance today

| 30 May
How America weaponised the West

Unity is an illusion designed to prevent a European split

Is Donald Trump a werewolf?

A silver bullet won't solve the problem

What is King Charles hiding?

The Carolean age uses screens that conceal

America’s empire is bankrupt

The dollar is finally being dethroned

The performative emptiness of the Venice Biennale

Architects have crumbled in the face of populism

The collapse of the Leicester dream

The city's decline now feels endemic

Succession is a Christian psychodrama

Logan Roy sacrificed his children on the altar of ambition

Modi’s dirty war on ‘love jihad’

As propaganda goes, The Kerala Story is piss-poor

The Arab Spring exposed America’s weakness

The road to Ukraine began in Syria

The road to Ukraine began in Syria

The end of dollar supremacy

The West's imperial lifecycle is drawing to a close

Keir Starmer the Conservative

How will he manage Brexit?

What does your constituency really think?