Wealth tax

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The hypocrisy of billionaire-bashing

BY Justin Webb / 5 mins

Should the rich pay more tax?

BY James Kanagasooriam / 3 mins

What’s Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax worth?

BY Isabel Sawhill / 5 mins

The most damaging thing about wealth

BY Polly Mackenzie / 4 mins

It’s time to tax the super rich

BY Richard Godwin / 4 mins

Ed Miliband was right, time to tax wealth

BY Chris Deerin / 4 mins

Weekly podcast: wealth taxes and the state of feminism

BY Ayesha Hazarika / < 1 min

Inheritance tax is a tax on laziness

BY Polly Mackenzie / 3 mins

Could a Land Value Tax tame unscrupulous landowners?

BY Liam Halligan / 6 mins

The Republicans’ attitude to wealth could cost them power

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

Why wealth taxes are a political graveyard

BY Peter Franklin / 4 mins

Audiocast: Charlotte Pickles presents her wealth tax manifesto

BY Sally Chatterton / < 1 min

How to future-proof the economy: tax all income equally

BY Tom Kibasi / 3 mins

Is it possible to design a tax that targets the really wealthy?

BY / 5 mins