Home Truths

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Talking about the housing crisis means talking about immigration

BY Douglas Murray / 5 mins

Online lettings – where desperate need meets scammers’ greed

BY Nigel Cameron / 5 mins

Home Truths – Part VI: A manifesto to fix the housing market

BY Liam Halligan / 11 mins

More community land trusts could transform the housing debate

BY Peter Franklin / 4 mins

Home Truths – Part V: the nonsensical ‘no shortage’ narrative

BY Liam Halligan / 9 mins

More social housing is not the answer – it’s time to take on the home owners

BY Polly Mackenzie / 4 mins

Home Truths – Part IV: how ministers made the housing crisis worse

BY Liam Halligan / 17 mins

The grim reality of renting in Britain

BY James Bloodworth / 4 mins

Home Truths – Part III: The nine drivers of a broken market

BY Liam Halligan / 10 mins

Home Truths – Part II: A place of our own

BY Liam Halligan / 8 mins

Home truths – Part I: The UK housing crisis in six graphs

BY Liam Halligan / 7 mins