Global Rise of the Left

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Open vs Closed: The rise and fall of Left and Right

BY Peter Franklin / 10 mins

Podemos walks a tightrope on Catalonia

BY James Bloodworth / 11 mins

Media elites underestimated protest movements. And they underestimated Spain’s Podemos, too.

BY James Bloodworth / 10 mins

Mainland Europe’s most important radical party doesn’t just seek seats – but ‘hegemonia’ too

BY James Bloodworth / 13 mins

Identity politics is a monster. Connection is how we kill it.

BY Graeme Archer / 5 mins

Populism in Iceland: Why we should care what’s happened since the crash

BY Henry Olsen / 8 mins

We must defeat the false idea of Europe and again respect national identity, truly free speech and our continent’s Christian roots

BY Roger Scruton / 4 mins

The power of political storytelling: A response to George Monbiot (part two)

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins

The power of political storytelling: A response to George Monbiot (part one)

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins

Here’s what to read and watch if you want to understand the ‘new left’

BY James Bloodworth / 5 mins

Political jury: Has the Left won the culture wars?

BY Peta Credlin / 4 mins

Political jury: are richer nations turning Left – to big-state policies?

BY Peta Credlin / 4 mins

The Left is (also) right about the minimum wage and investing in infrastructure

BY Charlotte Pickles / 9 mins

How the Left conquered social media

BY Helen Lewis / 6 mins

From Jeremy Corbyn to Bernie Sanders to Elizabeth Warren; what the Left is getting right

BY Liam Halligan / 6 mins

Who are more dangerous? Right-wingers or left-wingers? The generations divide again

BY Tim Montgomerie / 2 mins

Corbyn is natural response to Blair’s political and personal failings

BY Douglas Murray / 5 mins

Tough on Trump but let’s be tougher on the causes of Trump… our failing democracies

BY Chris Deerin / 6 mins

Getting away with murder: has history been ‘soft’ on communism?

BY Gill Bennett / 5 mins

Big government and big business are equally disliked

BY Tim Montgomerie / 2 mins

Young British voters haven’t just turned away from the Conservative Party; their minds have turned away from conservatism

BY Tim Montgomerie / 2 mins

How the radical left has it both ways on Brexit

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins

Is global momentum with the Left?

BY Angus Robertson / 12 mins