Free minds

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Sam Harris – An atheist rock star

BY Douglas Murray / 5 mins

Free minds: Dirk Nowitzki, the wild card Maverick

BY / 2 mins

Free minds: Jane Jacobs, a fearless foe of all things prefabricated

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins

Free Minds: Doctor Who, a maverick in time and space

BY Graeme Archer / 4 mins

Free Minds: Michael Clemens, a global thinker in a world filled with narrow-minded nationalism

BY Ian Birrell / 4 mins

Free Minds: Sam Harris – An atheist rock star

BY Douglas Murray / 6 mins

Free Minds: Robert Sarah, the dissenting cardinal, seeking to save his Church

BY Allan Mallinson / 6 mins

Free minds: Rod Dreher – an American conservative who realised liberalism was the enemy

BY Giles Fraser / 5 mins

Free minds: Elinor Ostrom – challenging conventional wisdom, she felled the tragedy of the commons

BY / 4 mins

Free minds: Michael Schluter – the untiring advocate of an alternative to the materialism of Left and Right

BY Tim Montgomerie / 4 mins

Free minds: Sherry Turkle – humanity’s advocate against the machine

BY Nigel Cameron / 6 mins