February 1, 2024 - 12:10am

Will 2024 be the year of a Third World War? As Russia’s war in Ukraine grinds on, the Middle East threatens to erupt, and China intensifies its military pressure on Taiwan, a global conflict seems all but inevitable.

How strange, then, that Britain’s Armed Forces are unprepared to defend their country. Over the past month, an increasing number of military insiders have been sounding the alarm, warning that, if we are to survive, we may have no choice but to enlist a “citizen army”.

The truth, however, is even more concerning.

As Aris Roussinos reveals in his special report, it may be too late to guarantee Britain’s survival. Decades of political indifference and dismal procurement strategies have left our Armed Forces outgunned and obsolescent. And with military insiders increasingly expecting a land conflict with Russia, Britain now faces an uncomfortable question: is the coming war already lost?

The full video, including interviews with Roussinos, Elbridge Colby and Pippa Malmgren, is available to view here.