WATCH: five interesting moments from election night

December 13, 2019
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Last night’s decisive victory for the Conservatives ensures that Boris Johnson will be returning to Downing Street with a much bigger majority than before. It also means that Labour are consigned to the Opposition benches for a fourth election in a row, with the widening schism in the party thrown into full display. As the party’s civil war unfolds, here are UnHerd’s five interesting moments from the past 24 hours.

1. Former home secretary Alan Johnson scolds Momentum founder Jon Lansman for refusing to listen to their working class base.

2. Labour MP Lisa Nandy acknowledges that Labour had ignored the heartlands for too long and promises reconciliation in her victory speech.

3. Labour leaver Kate Hoey echoes Nandy’s comments, saying that the Labour Party has “lost touch with its working class” supporters.

4. Some former Labour members were in a less introspective mood. Instead of confronting his own role as an anti-Brexit mascot in the party’s downfall, Alastair Campbell laid blame at the feet of Lansman.

5. While other Labour activists were left in a state of total denial…


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