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Trump, the Borderlands, and a Global Crisis

January 30, 2024


In this week’s episode, Tom and Helen turn to the current border crisis unfolding in Texas, and explore how a set of global and domestic crises, from the drug cartels in Mexico, to the situation in Ukraine, might play into Trump’s hands come the end of the year…


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Siobhan OGrady
Siobhan OGrady
2 months ago

Why doesn’t the the US seek to enter into a deal with Mexico such that the US „Border“ is defended at the southern border of Mexico. The US could make such a deal attractive to Mexico through financial aid, logistical assistance at the border, trade deals, favored nation status etc. The border which would need to be defended would become significantly shorter. Obviously there are various issues which would need to be addressed by such an arrangement but it certainly seems worth considering.

jules Ritchie
jules Ritchie
2 months ago
Reply to  Siobhan OGrady

The drug and criminal cartels will never let it happen.