Swedish epidemiologist interview goes global

April 20, 2020
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Our interview on Friday with Swedish epidemiologist Johan Giesecke has truly gone global.

Between views on the site, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, more than half a million people watched it over the weekend.

Swedish newspaper Expressen ran a story (see below) on Giesecke’s critique of other countries — “not a shred of evidence — tears into UK U-turn”. It was covered by outlets as various as RealClearPolitics in the US and Guido Fawkes in the UK. Freddie Sayers did an interview with Canada’s NewsTalk1010, and will be doing more interviews throughout the week.

Swedish newspaper Expressen: Giesecke’s critique of other countries

We’ll be following up with more agenda-setting interviews, so stay tuned. And you can catch up on the Giesecke interview above, if you missed it.


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