Tom McTague

Nick Clegg: The Machiavelli of Meta

February 26, 2024
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In six years, Nick Clegg has gone from political has-been to one of the most powerful executives at one of the world’s biggest tech firms: President of Global Affairs at Meta. As one of Mark Zuckerberg’s most trusted consiglieri, Clegg reportedly earns over $15 million a year and is tasked with dealing with the politics of its extraordinary global power and wealth. But is “the Foreign Secretary of Facebook” a constraining force on the media behemoth, or an enabling one?


Tom McTague, UnHerd’s Political Editor, has spent months investigating the darker side of Facebook. He has spoken to people in government, finance, tech and the police force, as well as friends of the former deputy prime minister to find out: is Nick Clegg whitewashing Facebook?


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