Freddie Sayers debates Ukraine escalation on the BBC

February 24, 2023
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On Thursday UnHerd‘s Executive Editor Freddie Sayers appeared on the BBC’s Politics Live to discuss the war in Ukraine and the response of Europe and the United States, one year after Russia’s invasion.

Asked by host Jo Coburn if Western unity on the conflict was a good thing, he said:

I think that unity is understandable given the incredible amount of suffering going on in Ukraine, but no, I don’t think it is a good thing. I think it is dangerous when all the parties agree and when there is no discussion. It almost feels like discussion is not allowed on this topic. If anyone ventures any kind of hesitation about the Western plans in Ukraine, they are very quickly dismissed as a Putin apologist or an appeaser: that kind of rhetoric comes out. Good people, who are very compassionate about the outrageous invasion happening in Ukraine, can legitimately ask: what is the endgame, what is the long-term strategy of the Western powers, are there escalation risks? […] Those would be fair questions, I think, and I would like to hear more about how this ends and less of a certainty about how we can up the ante all the time.
- Freddie Sayers


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