Fazi, Moutet, Schoellhammer

Has Europe turned Right?

June 10, 2024
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Is a rightward shift really hitting Europe? Regular UnHerd contributors Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Thomas Fazi and Ralph Schoellhammer react to the breaking news of the European elections, with Freddie Sayers.


Watch the full interview above.


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Gastao Taveira
Gastao Taveira
5 days ago

Insightful debate, thank you.
It is difficult to cover this theme in a single debate, because of how diverse Europe’s far right is across countries. You managed it quite well going beneath the usual generalisations.
Immigration and unintegrated ethnic groups (mostly muslims) seem to be theme that unites these movements. Maybe the only one. On the rest they show very different views. Mostly it seems to result from each country’s history. Even within countries – such as between West and East Germany.
It would be useful to look at Scandinavia, especially Sweden and Denmark, that integrated in mainstream politics the causes that boosted the far right – mainly policies to control immigration. Will this happen in other countries as well?
On this episode, congratulations to Freddie Sayers for a great moderation and the sharp questions he posed.
Great interventions from Anne-Elisabeth Moutet on France and Hungary and Ralph Schoellhammer on Germany and Austria. Extremely insightful.
As for Thomas Fazi, he shows a deep knowledge of Italian politics. But he seems to mix to much his personal opinions, legitimate as they are, with the discussion of the facts.
As a classical liberal leaning individual, I don’t disagree on most of what he says. But I like to form my own opinions based on facts to be able to contrast them with each one’s opinions. 
Keep it up, Freddie. It shows how sad Brexit has been for European politics. Not least because of the critical thinking of anglo saxon journalism without country bias.

Last edited 5 days ago by Gastao Taveira
Stephanie Surface
Stephanie Surface
5 days ago
Reply to  Gastao Taveira

Agree with you. It was an extremely interesting debate except for some of the contributions of Thomas Fazi. He does tend to weave in his political opinion, when it comes to just describing the Italian political landscape.
I especially enjoyed and agree with Ralph Schoellhammer’s analysis of German and Austrian politics and his pointing out, that young people feel much more patriotic, especially the ones, who don‘t come from highly educated backgrounds, very much like in the US. The politicians and main stream media ignores them at their peril, as they are the backbone of every country. It is ironic how most of the green/left wing politicians in Germany are highly educated, but never worked in a proper job apart from politics or some form of activism. The Green politician Robert Habeck, who has one of the most important jobs in the German government as Minister of Energy and Economics, is a pure academic with a PHD in philosophy and philology, wrote novels and poetry, but has not the slightest clue about physics or Economics. No wonder Germany is in such steep Economic decline…

Ted French
Ted French
1 day ago

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet was great!