Zuckerberg for President?

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Can journalism survive the onslaught of social media?

BY Emily Bell / 10 mins

Can’t we stop data monsters from devouring their rivals?

BY David Z Morris / 5 mins

Why would Mark Zuckerberg run for the White House? He’s already more powerful than the US President…

BY Tim Montgomerie / 2 mins

Silicon Valley Sprawl: How an imaginary place is changing the real cities inside it

BY Andrew Keen / 5 mins

In big tech, users aren’t customers. They’re what’s for sale.

BY David Z Morris / 6 mins

Google, Amazon, Facebook: It’s time to smash Silicon Valley monopolies

BY Nigel Cameron / 8 mins

Mark Zuckerberg hid millions from world governments. Should we now trust him to run one?

BY Ian Birrell / 5 mins

An open letter to the guy with two billion Facebook friends – and an eye on the White House

BY Nigel Cameron / 6 mins

(1/10) Stop behaving like a monopolist – you’ve got enough money, after all

BY Nigel Cameron / 5 mins

(2/10) Pay your fair share of taxes

BY Nigel Cameron / 2 mins

(3/10) You are taking a lot out of the news industry – perhaps it’s time to put more than a little something back?

BY Nigel Cameron / 3 mins

(4/10) Make Facebook (the Company) look less like 1950s Mad Men

BY Nigel Cameron / 4 mins

(5/10) Put free speech before profiting in China, Russia and other censorious regimes

BY Nigel Cameron / 2 mins

(6/10) Do more to help the fight against terror

BY Nigel Cameron / 2 mins

(7/10) Make Facebook a lot more child-friendly

BY Nigel Cameron / 4 mins

(8/10) Poverty in Silicon Valley. How can you solve the nation’s problems if you don’t address those on your own doorstep?

BY Nigel Cameron / 2 mins

(9/10) Slow down. You don’t need to be President for a decade or two

BY Nigel Cameron / 2 mins

(10/10) Will you reverse the concentration of power in your tech sector?

BY Nigel Cameron / 4 mins