Summer reads 2022

Our contributors choose books to make sense of a chaotic summer

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What is it like to be a dolphin?

BY Ellen Pasternack / 5 mins

Dreams can save us

BY Tao Lin / 5 mins

All revolutionaries are selfish

BY Sean Thor Conroe / 6 mins

Why is Russia obsessed with slavery?

BY Christopher Caldwell / 6 mins

Race is a delusion

BY David Mamet / 6 mins

Capitalism killed the American West

BY James Pogue / 6 mins

The progressive puritans will fail

BY Kat Rosenfield / 5 mins

America will always fear Caesar

BY Ross Douthat / 6 mins

Welcome to Philip K. Dick’s dystopia

BY David Samuels / 7 mins

The problem with being uptight

BY Will Storr / 5 mins

The last American aristocrat

BY Phil Klay / 7 mins

British Rail must take back control

BY Ian Martin / 5 mins

Will we escape our age of failure?

BY Martin Gurri / 5 mins

Can depression be cured?

BY Ann Manov / 6 mins

The timeless beauty of Novalis

BY Salley Vickers / 5 mins

The West needs to grow up

BY Paul Kingsnorth / 9 mins

The fate of Europe lies in the steppes

BY Aris Roussinos / 8 mins