Summer reads 2021

Book recommendations for a summer of freedom

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Where lockdown is a fairytale

BY Suzannah Lipscomb / 4 mins

The West has lost its virtue

BY Paul Kingsnorth / 7 mins

Activists aren’t what they used to be

BY Niamh Mulvey / 5 mins

Roger Scruton is the heretic we need

BY Douglas Murray / 4 mins

The Leopard’s lessons in love

BY Horatio Clare / 5 mins

How America became a mad house

BY Christopher Caldwell / 5 mins

The Magic Mountain will consume you

BY Ben Judah / 5 mins

Covid isn’t the end

BY Niall Gooch / 5 mins

Teenagers need to have sex again

BY Julie Burchill / 4 mins

Lessons in lockdown from a psychiatric ward

BY Frances Wilson / 5 mins