Summer reads 2019

The books you should be packing in your beach bag this year

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Why life should be a risky business

BY Timandra Harkness / 5 mins

Want to check your privilege?

BY Bidisha / 3 mins

Even experts are ignorant

BY Sam Leith / 4 mins

The war against objectivity

BY James Bloodworth / 4 mins

Life on the inside

BY Elizabeth Oldfield / 4 mins

How to understand the rise of national populism

BY Matthew Goodwin / 6 mins

How to live in a dying society

BY Matthew Sweet / 3 mins

How to end Westminster’s tribal warfare

BY Polly Mackenzie / 4 mins

The Kafkaesque nightmare of British justice

BY Jenny McCartney / 9 mins

There’s no such thing as ‘the good old days’

BY John Lichfield / 4 mins

We need to talk about death

BY Ruth Davidson / 5 mins