Political Realignment

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How Boris can still win

BY Matthew Goodwin / 7 mins

How random are your politics?

BY Louise Perry / 4 mins

Will Gen Z recover from Covid?

BY Matthew Goodwin / 7 mins

Bigger than Brexit: the new politics of climate change

BY Peter Franklin / 8 mins

Did this election change anything?

BY Peter Franklin / 5 mins

How Boris can cement his new coalition

BY David Goodhart / 4 mins

What will survive this seismic election?

BY Matthew Goodwin / 3 mins

A dire warning for our old political system

BY Tim Bale / 5 mins

How long will the Brexit Party last?

BY Peter Franklin / 6 mins

How Farage outflanked everyone

BY Matthew Goodwin / 7 mins

The reason people peddle lies about Farage

BY Douglas Murray / 5 mins

Does Britain need a post-liberal party?

BY Peter Franklin / 5 mins

The best PM we’ll never have

BY Various Contributors / 10 mins

Tories will reap the Brexit whirlwind

BY Matthew Goodwin / 6 mins

Is blue-collar populism here to stay?

BY Henry Olsen / 7 mins

A party for the politically homeless

BY Giles Fraser / 5 mins

Can our politics survive Brexit?

BY James Kirkup / 5 mins

What’s driving this French revolution?

BY John Lichfield / 7 mins

Would Frank Field fit in? The test we should apply to any new party

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins

Our new political order: Ins v Outs, not Left v Right

BY Henry Olsen / 12 mins

‘It’s relationships, stupid’ – how social capital is redefining politics

BY Michael Hendrix / 4 mins

My Radical Liberation Front will set the people free

BY Bidisha / 4 mins

Liberalism has broken us – we need a new party to call Home

BY Giles Fraser / 4 mins

A new party could save politics from the extremes

BY Ian Birrell / 4 mins

The political void that Labour needs to fill

BY Paul Embery / 3 mins

American politics is broken – bring on the National Party

BY Henry Olsen / 4 mins

Why my new “Not Blair” party shouldn’t win your vote

BY Graeme Archer / 4 mins

Why Sunday closing reveals the deepest divide in politics

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins