Books of the decade

Our contributors recommend some slow reading for the festive season

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How would you respond to the rise of Nazism?

BY Ian Birrell / 5 mins

America has always been a circus

BY Justin Webb / 4 mins

The cost of liberal economics

BY Mary Harrington / 5 mins

The End of the World is always nigh

BY Daniel Kalder / 4 mins

The Tories should have listened to Jesse Norman

BY James Kirkup / 6 mins

How liars become leaders

BY Polly Mackenzie / 4 mins

The dangers of festive over-indulgence

BY Tom Chivers / 6 mins

Why aren’t we all atheists?

BY Elizabeth Oldfield / 4 mins

Want to make sense of our chaotic world?

BY Sam Leith / 5 mins