2020 American election

Will there be any winners?

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Tucker Carlson’s accidental confession

BY Matthew Teague / 6 mins

Twilight of the American empire

BY Aris Roussinos / 7 mins

Why Biden should be more like Bannon

BY Justin Webb / 4 mins

America’s struggle to end extremism

BY Douglas Murray / 5 mins

Trumpism is here to stay

BY Eric Kaufmann / 3 mins

QAnon is indestructible

BY Gavin Haynes / 5 mins

How Trump held on to black voters

BY Christopher Rhodes / 5 mins

Melania Trump doesn’t want your pity

BY Kat Rosenfield / 5 mins

Who are the real Shy Trumpers?

BY Eric Kaufmann / 5 mins

The casual corrosion of democracy

BY Ian Birrell / 6 mins

National Populism is here to stay

BY Michael Lind / 5 mins

When will my fellow liberals learn?

BY Mark Lilla / 5 mins

Why Latinos stumped for Trump

BY Alex Perez / 3 mins

A victory for Trumpism

BY Justin Webb / 4 mins

The President’s speech was scarily good

BY Sam Leith / 5 mins

In polls we trust

BY Freddie Sayers / 5 mins

How propaganda will win the presidency

BY Peter Pomerantsev / 5 mins

Joe Biden, the invisible candidate

BY Michael Tracey / 6 mins

How corporations can delete your existence

BY Gavin Haynes / 6 mins

Fear Russian nukes, not cyberwarriors

BY Mike Martin / 6 mins

How hysterical punditry failed America

BY Michael Tracey / 5 mins

Could Russian race-baiting tear the US apart?

BY Nina Schick / 6 mins

Joe Biden is no radical

BY Michael Tracey / 6 mins

Of course Trump can win

BY Matthew Goodwin / 5 mins

Stop crying foul over fascism

BY Michael Tracey / 5 mins

Who will salute Trump’s man in Berlin?

BY Marshall Auerback / 5 mins

Is QAnon on the brink of power in America?

BY Travis View / 5 mins

The hypocrisy of billionaire-bashing

BY Justin Webb / 5 mins

Unlike Corbyn, Bernie Sanders is not an anti-Semite

BY Tanya Gold / 4 mins

Bloomberg the nerd won’t beat Trump

BY Giles Fraser / 5 mins

In defence of Facebook

BY Christopher Rhodes / 7 mins

The toxic self-hatred of white Democrats

BY Justin Webb / 4 mins