$10 oil

What would the world look like if the price of gas tumbled?

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Will Elon Musk drive a truck through the oil industry?

BY Peter Franklin / 3 mins

How might the world change if oil cost just $10 per barrel?

BY Tim Montgomerie / < 1 min

Sound as a barrel: Russia is surprisingly insulated from the effects of bottom-dollar oil

BY Liam Halligan / 7 mins

Shi’a-Sunni relations are already volatile. $10 oil could make it even worse

BY Sean Oliver-Dee / 4 mins

Soaring oil prices broke the economy, collapsing prices won’t have such a dramatic effect

BY / 6 mins

$10 a barrel for oil? The age of the electric car is closer than you think

BY Michael Liebreich / 4 mins

Why the price of oil has been so hard to predict – and why that might change

BY Peter Franklin / 9 mins

Wars and words: a crude history of oil prices

BY Michael Burleigh / 9 mins