Stephen Collins

November 22, 2017   < 1

The six articles in this special series:


Peter Franklin: Why the price of oil has been so hard to predict – and why that might change;

Michael Burleigh: Wars and words: a crude history of oil prices

Michael Liebrich: $10 a barrel for oil? The age of the electric car is closer than you think

Charlotte Pickles: Soaring oil prices broke the economy, collapsing prices won’t have such a dramatic effect

Sean Oliver-Dee: Shi’a-Sunni relations are already volatile. $10 oil could make it even worse

Liam Halligan: Sound as a barrel: Russia is surprisingly insulated from the effects of bottom-dollar oil

Tim Montgomerie was most recently a columnist and comment editor for The Times of London. Before that journalistic turn he was steeped in centre right politics, founding the Conservative Christian Fellowship, then the Centre for Social Justice and, just over ten years ago,