March 27, 2024 - 6:30pm

→ Tories confuse Birmingham for America

Someone needs to get a hold of the Tory press office. After superimposing footballer Harry Maguire’s face onto a tweet about Rishi Sunak cancelling the Super League, Tory Twitter has committed another offence.

As part of a video series called ‘Life under Labour’, CCHQ spotlights various Labour-run cities (first London, now Birmingham) to illustrate how dystopian life is in these metropolises. Each video looks suitably grave, replete with warnings about “eye-watering council taxes”, a reduction in bin collections, and at-risk jobs. There’s just one problem: in the latest installment, the voice-over says “Birmingham, 2024”, but the stock video at the two-second mark was filmed in New York and is at least three years old. Rishi, put everyone our of their misery and call an election… 

→ Are universities finally getting tired of student protests?

Vanderbilt University students who trespassed in a campus office were surely surprised when their civil disobedience was met with official discipline in the form of arrests and suspensions, a practically unheard of outcome for campus activism.

The students portrayed themselves as being trapped and unable to access food and restrooms, since they expected to be arrested upon leaving the office. Their supporters outside the building chanted “Let them pee! Let them eat!” and one participant called 911 over a woman who was unable to change out her feminine products. Sending our thoughts and prayers…

→ Justin Trudeau’s popularity plummets

Life is going from bad to worse for Canada’s PM. In just a few days, Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax will come into effect, despite it being hugely unpopular. So it’s perhaps no surprise that a new poll paints a grim picture for the PM, with Trudeau’s Liberals slipping to third place in the polls.

Abacus Data found that Conservatives won 41% of committed voters, trailed by Trudeau’s Liberals at 23%. Young voters were the least likely to support the Canadian PM, and 58% of respondents had a negative impression of him. Most voters believe that Canada is distracted and focused on the wrong problems.

It’s a real fall from grace for the PM, who has won three elections and led Canada for nearly 10 years. Clearly, Canada much prefers his apple-scoffing opponent.