The Conservatives seem to have a new social media manager, and they might be getting a bit overexcited about defending the Government’s record. Harry Maguire was the latest victim of Tory Twitter-brain, as the party’s official account posted a meme which managed to be short on both sense and laughs. An earlier effort from today also riffed on football, with similarly cringeworthy results.

Both tweets were attempting to highlight the introduction of a bill to the Commons which would set up a new football regulator to, among other things, help combat the plan for a European Super League. Yet recent weeks have brought a steady stream of awkward posts onto Conservative supporters’ timelines. The now-infamous “Starmer Sutra” jibe might be the most excruciating of the bunch though, in fairness, Labour aren’t exactly doing any better in the banter stakes. Another development in the very serious world of UK politics.