May 24, 2024 - 6:30pm

→ The Rest is Politics hits TV screens

If an imminent election and an international football tournament weren’t exciting enough, centrist dads scored a hat-trick with a new announcement today. Having revealed a team of election-night presenters which runs the ideological gamut from Emily Maitlis to Clare Balding, Channel 4 is now boosting its coverage by screening televised episodes of Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell’s podcast, The Rest is Politics.

That’s six episodes, to be precise, beginning next Wednesday and taking an expectant public up to the big night on 4 July. What Stewart and Campbell make of the current state of the Tory Party is anyone’s guess, and it will be fascinating to hear their insight on Nigel Farage’s involvement in proceedings. Ed Balls and George Osborne: a primetime slot awaits.

→ Ron DeSantis plots his comeback

After a bruising presidential campaign, Meatball Ron is back on manoeuvres. According to a new report by Puck magazine, DeSantis has finally agreed to make amends with former rival Donald Trump. The meeting between the two was arranged by investor Steve Witkoff on the condition that the billionaire donated more money to the Trump campaign.

The alleged meet-up means that the Florida Governor can now start laying the groundwork for a 2028 run, which could be kickstarted by a potential primetime speaking slot at the upcoming Republican National Convention. In return, RDS will start to raise money for Trump, who is always on the lookout for more cash. One thing which perhaps went undiscussed: what happens if Trump doesn’t win this year?

→ Millennial French leaders face off in debate

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen’s likely successors went head to head last night on French television. Though much ink has been spilled on the younger generation’s potential to transform the political landscape, viewers seemed more preoccupied with the youthful appearance of these two millennials.

Rassemblement National leader Jordan Bardella targeted his opponent, Prime Minister and Macron protĂ©gĂ© Gabriel Attal, over the immigration issue, characterising his positions as “extremist” and calling the EU border patrol a “reception service for migrants”. Attal responded by accusing the RN of flip-flopping on multiple policies.

The debate offers a glimpse into a future in which millennials take the political reins. And it looks pretty much the same as the present.