December 1, 2022 - 5:54pm

Over the past week, UnHerd has been welcoming people to its newly opened building in the heart of Westminster.

The Old Queen Street Cafe, located just off Storey’s Gate, is open to everyone, every day — come by for breakfast, coffee, lunch, cocktails or dinner!

Upstairs, the UnHerd Club will play host to our ongoing series of talks, screenings, lectures and events. There are some spaces left for our remaining December events — check them out here — just subscribe to UnHerd to make sure you are invited…

Here are some snaps from the launch events:

Miriam Cates MP, UnHerd Executive Editor Freddie Sayers, Michael Gove MP and Pamela Dow
UnHerd Editor Sally Chatterton, Matthew Goodwin and Lucy Denyer
UnHerd Deputy Editor Jacob Furedi
Jess De Wahls, UnHerd‘s Freya Sanders, Sarah Ditum, Janice Turner and Louise Perry
Olga Polizzi, William Shawcross and Baroness Finn
Flo Read and Esther Watson (both UnHerd)
Freddie Sayers, Katy Balls and Cleo Watson
Viscountess Grimston, UnHerd Chief Commercial Officer Melissa McAdden and Bim Afolami MP
Naaman Brown and Inaya Folarin Iman
Red Tory meets Blue Labour: Philip Blond and Maurice Glasman
Sally Chatterton, Charlotte Pickles and UnHerd‘s Olivia Ward-Jackson
Sebastian Payne, Dominic Lawson and Matthew Parris
Sir Paul Marshall, Konstantin Kisin and Lady Marshall
Sonia Sodha, Naaman Brown, Ayishat Akanbi and Mercy Muroki
Helen Lewis, Hadley Freeman, Andrew Sullivan and Freddie Sayers
Freddie Sayers and Sophie Winkleman
Alex Caccia, Sunetra Gupta and Madeline Grant
Andrew Doyle, Justin Webb and Freya Sanders
Flo Read, James Billot, Aris Roussinos and Rob Lownie (all UnHerd)
UnHerd‘s Nicholas Harris and James Sean Dickson
UnHerd COO Sebastian Giraud, Elizabeth Linder, Melanie Price and Latika M Bourne at the launch of UnHerd's new headquarters in Westminster - November, 2022
UnHerd COO Sebastian Giraud, Elizabeth Linder, Melanie Price and Latika M Bourne
UnHerd‘s Panda La Terriere, Esther Watson and Cecily Watson
The UnHerd team