February 10, 2022 - 5:52pm

On January 15, the Canadian government announced a vaccine mandate for long-haul truckers. Over the days that followed, a convoy of unvaccinated and vaccinated truckers drove in solidarity across the country to protest against the measures. The convoy gathered in Ottawa on January 29 with a rally at Parliament Hill and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau promptly left town. Truck convoys were then joined by pedestrian protesters who have set up makeshift camps across the city centre.

Mainstream coverage of Ottawa’s trucker convoy over the last fortnight has been more focused on confederate flags and far Right factions than the truckers themselves. To get a view from the ground, UnHerd dispatched roving reporter Leila Mechoui to take us on a tour of the convoy. Beaming in from the cabin of his truck, Freddie Sayers spoke to Tim, an unvaccinated trucker-turned-protester. Tim told Freddie what first motivated him to join the convoy and why he still isn’t moving.

Additional reporting by Leila Mechoui @leilamechoui