March 13, 2024 - 6:00pm

→ Indigenous Canadians vs. NIMBYs

Vancouver’s liberals support indigenous sovereignty over native lands. Wait, no: not like that! City dwellers are reportedly perturbed that indigenous First Nations are using their land for a massive urban development. The plan is to build some 13,000 units throughout 11 towers in the heart of Vancouver, which will be the densest housing in Canada; the land is under Squamish rule and thus not subject to the city’s zoning laws.

“Many Canadians believe the purpose of reconciliation is not to uphold Indigenous rights and sovereignty, but to quietly scrub centuries of colonial residue from the landscape, ultimately in service of their own aesthetic preferences and personal interests,” one op-ed read.

Tall buildings are simply not aligned with “indigenous ways of being”, non-native city leaders have argued. Widespread objections to the development are of course rooted in an earnest desire for natives to live their best lives. The impact the development could have on home values in the pricey, beachfront neighbourhood is entirely unrelated. 

→ France’s youth is drifting Right

Since when did conservatism become so chic with France’s youth? After 28-year-old Jordan Bardella took the reins of the party from Marine Le Pen, Rassemblement National (RN) has continued to make inroads with young people across the country.

A new Ipsos poll on French EU parliamentary elections has found that the Right-wing RN is the most popular party among 18-24 year old voters. At 31% support with this demographic, RN stands head and shoulders above all the other parties: the next most popular was the Left-wing Greens at 18%, with Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Renaissance party floundering at a measly 4%. Is France inching closer towards electing its first millennial president?

→ Ben Shapiro takes on the Boomers

Rap artist Dr. Dreidel (formerly known as Ben Shapiro) is under fire after a recent foray into political commentary.

Shapiro said no American should retire at the age of 65, and that retirement itself was a “stupid idea” unless one has a health problem. Lost on absolutely no one was the fact that the conservative mogul works in a studio, presumably air-conditioned, and is perhaps unfamiliar with the type of physically demanding labour a worker would seek to avoid in their seventies and beyond.