March 18, 2024 - 2:45pm

Elon Musk has argued that Americans should stop talking about racism in a new interview with former CNN presenter Don Lemon.

“If we keep talking about [racism] non-stop it will never go away. If we keep making it the central thing, it will never go away,” the billionaire said. “We want to get away from making everything a race or a gender or whatever issue and just treat people like individuals.”

The two sparred over the issue for several minutes, with Lemon mentioning his own experiences of discrimination and Musk reiterating his view that people should be treated as individuals and not encouraged to view themselves as victims.


“If you study history broadly, everyone was a slave,” Musk told Lemon. “We are all descended from slaves […] it’s just a question of when: was it more recent or less recent?”

During an at times fraught interview, Musk was also questioned about his views on the “Great Replacement theory”, which holds that elites are intentionally replacing the population of Western nations with non-white immigrants from the Third World. The Tesla CEO said that he doesn’t subscribe to the theory, but argued that Democrats have an incentive to promote illegal immigration because it helps the party electorally. “You don’t need a conspiracy theory when you have incentives. It is fundamental for the Democratic Party to usher in and foster a large number of illegals […] It helps them win elections.”

When pressed on these claims, the X CEO stated that “House seat apportionment is proportionate to the number of people, not the number of citizens […] without illegals, I believe there would be a net loss in blue states of approximately 20 seats in the House.” What’s more, illegal immigrants also vote in elections — and they usually vote for Democrats, Musk argued.

Musk also discussed his feud with advertisers who pulled their funding from the social media platform he owns, X. Lemon asked him whether advertisers’ decisions weren’t a form of free speech, while Musk insisted that, by pulling ads from the entire site rather than merely from particular content they found objectionable, these advertisers were harming free speech.

“I’m in favour of freedom of speech, and freedom of speech only is relevant when people you don’t like say things you don’t like,” Musk said. “Otherwise it has no meaning.”

is UnHerd’s US correspondent.