April 15, 2024 - 6:00pm

→ Kemi Badenoch reclaims number one spot in Tory Cabinet poll

It’s snakes and ladders in the Tory Party. As Rishi Sunak slumps to his lowest-ever approval rating among Conservative members in a new poll, Business Secretary and leadership hopeful Kemi Badenoch is back on top of the Tory table. The Prime Minister’s rating of -27.7% is the second-lowest among the Cabinet, pipped only by relatively unknown Illegal Immigration Minister Michael Tomlinson. Badenoch’s +56.2% means that she overtakes previous league leader Penny Mordaunt, a promising sign ahead of a probable leadership contest involving both politicians after the election.

The overall picture is pretty bleak, though. This is the first time there have been 12 Cabinet ministers with negative ratings, including Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron and Housing Minister Michael Gove. So it seems as though the 2010 Tories aren’t popular. Who knew? 

→ The truth behind RFK Jr’s dramatic drop in the polls

Is the RFK Jr craze a mirage? While over a fifth of Americans said last autumn that they’d vote for the independent politician in the presidential election, a new poll seems to suggest he’s fallen dramatically behind the two main candidates.

According to the latest New York Times/Siena figures RFK Jr has pulled a meagre 2% of the vote — down 20 percentage points from his peak in October. But a closer look is required. Crucially, Kennedy wasn’t included on the questionnaire, and nor were any of the presidential hopefuls apart from Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The 2% figure represents those who volunteered RFK Jr’s name — had the poll listed him as an option, he likely would have had a much stronger performance.

Then again, as the electoral clock counts down to November, perhaps independent voters are beginning to realise third-party candidates don’t tend to become president. Guess it’s a rematch, then

→ NatCon causes controversy before it even begins

This week’s National Conservatism conference in Brussels will go ahead after all. There were fears over the weekend that the whole event would be cancelled after the previous venue pulled out due to alleged threats from a self-described antifascist group. Today, however, organisers announced that the event will be taking place at luxury hotel Sofitel Brussels.

The conference features leading lights of the populist Right, from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor OrbĂĄn to former UK home secretary Suella Braverman and ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage. The Brussels antifascist group has already reacted, saying that it is “mobilised”, with a representative telling the Brussels Times, “We are preparing ourselves.” Farage is no doubt quaking in his boots…