August 29, 2022 - 5:10pm

Podcaster Joe Rogan has said that people who suffered under stringent Covid policies should vote Republican in the midterm elections. The podcast host warned that people who were forced to close their businesses and “lost everything that they worked for decades to build” will be “angry” because they have received no compensation. Asked what they should do, Rogan responded: “Vote Republican. That’s what a lot of them are going to do anyway — more than a million people transferred over to the Republican party in 2021 alone.” The host went on to praise Republican Governor Ron De Santis for keeping Florida open, saying that his Covid policies were “pretty reasonable”.

It is rare for Rogan, who has in the past expressed support for Bernie Sanders and said that he has been “a liberal for my whole life”, to explicitly endorse a political party, let alone the Republicans. As recently as July this year, the comedian said that he was “so far away from being a Republican” because of the Party’s stance on gay marriage and abortion. These issues have contributed to a slide in the GOP’s lead in the polls, which has been steadily falling since July. While the party is still in a position to gain enough House seats for a majority, abortion rights, gas prices and Donald Trump have overtaken Covid as key issues going into November.

Rogan was joined on the podcast by NFL player Aaron Rodgers, who is himself unvaccinated against Covid. The four-time MVP player told the podcast host that unvaccinated players during the last two seasons were regularly “shamed”, but he refused to get jab because he was allergic to an ingredient in the MRNA vaccines and feared an adverse reaction in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The pair lamented the current state of politics, agreeing that both parties were unappealing to voters. 

is UnHerd’s Newsroom editor.