June 12, 2023 - 7:30pm

Founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has spoken for the first time about his surprise endorsement of unconventional Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Speaking on the Breaking Points podcast, Dorsey argued that Kennedy was “focused on peace and ending all these wars” as well as being committed to ending “regulatory capture and the military industrial complex”. 

Dorsey explained that he was impressed by the Democratic challenger’s “intimate knowledge” of these issues, which Kennedy addressed with curiosity and a “deep sense of humanity”. RFK Jr.s position on vaccines was not raised directly, but Dorsey noted that he had an “edge”. “He has no fear in exploring topics that are a little bit controversial and in the future,” the tech entrepreneur added.

RFK Jr. is currently polling at 20% among Democratic voters, but as of yet there are no plans in place to hold primary debates with other candidates. Dorsey, who has criticised the Democrats for not holding primaries, once again called on the party to reconsider its position. “It feels like hiding and everything is planned and already determined,” he said.

Since tweeting his endorsement of Kennedy two weeks ago, Dorsey has become increasingly vocal in his support. He has used his platform on Twitter, which has 6.5 million followers, to advocate for the candidate, even calling the Democrat’s raspy voice a “superpower”. His appearance on Breaking Points was his most extensive discussion of RFK Jr. yet.

Dorsey’s own political beliefs have evolved since 2020. During the pandemic, the Twitter founder donated $10 million to an Ibram X. Kendi-aligned “anti-racism” charity before giving small sums to two heterodox Democratic candidates in the 2020 primaries, Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. A staunch critic of government censorship, a major theme in RFK Jr.’s own campaigning, Dorsey stated on Breaking Points that he came across RFK Jr. this year and listened to nearly all of his podcast appearances. “It was absolutely refreshing,” he said. “Our country needs his leadership.”

Kennedy remains a clear outsider in the 2024 race to be the Democratic nominee for the presidency. Despite eight in 10 Democratic primary voters (and 72% of Biden voters) saying they would like a series of Democratic debates during the 2024 campaign, the Democratic National Committee says it won’t sponsor any.

is UnHerd’s Newsroom editor.