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It’s all over for Bernie Sanders — all eyes on the VP pick

Despite the hype, Sanders just isn't turning out the young voters, new voters and leftwing voters that he was counting on

March 11, 2020 - 10:34am

On Super Tuesday it became clear that the race for the Democratic nomination was between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

One week later, with six states voting yesterday, it’s now obvious that the only race that matters is Joe Biden versus Donald Trump.

To have had any chance of halting Biden’s momentum, Sanders needed a win in the key state of Michigan. He lost by a wide margin.

Despite the hype, Sanders just isn’t turning out the young voters, new voters and Left-wing voters that he was counting on. There’s a parallel here to the failure of the Corbynites in 2019. Caught up in their own bubble, the core activists just don’t understand that there aren’t enough people who think the way they do — and even fewer who care as much as they do.

Most states haven’t actually voted yet, but it’s difficult to see how Sanders can catch-up. Something huge would have to happen to stop Biden now.

Of course, something huge is happening — the coronavirus epidemic in America. If public events get cancelled left, right and centre what happens to the Democratic and Republican national conventions in July and August? And, long before those, what about the remaining campaign rallies and other gatherings of the primary season? Sanders could come under pressure to drop out for that very reason.

Questions will also be asked about the voting process itself. Ramshackle procedures mean that Americans can spend hours waiting in line to vote.

Finally, one can’t help but notice that Biden, Sanders and Trump are all in the most vulnerable age group — what happens if one or more of them falls ill?

This is for sure: there’ll be more than the usual interest in the Vice Presidential candidates.

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Fraser Bailey
Fraser Bailey
4 years ago

We once mocked the Soviets for anointing one geriatric after another, yet now the Democrats have anointed a man who is clearly in the early or even middle stages of Alzheimers of some form of dementia. And a man who routinely insults his own natural supporters upon meeting them. It is one of the most remarkable stories of our time.

As such, Biden is nothing more than a puppet for the Democrat playbook i.e. send jobs abroad so that young Americans have limited job opportunities and are forced to join the military, where they will fight and die in the insane wars that the neo-liberal Democrats love so much. These people are pure evil.

Fraser Bailey
Fraser Bailey
4 years ago

We once mocked the Soviets for repeatedly anointing old men in poor health. The Democrats have gone one step further and anointed a man who, as we have seen in recent weeks, barely knows where he is or what he is saying. Moreover, he has repeatedly insulted his own natural supporters, telling one construction worker yesterday that he was ‘full of s***’
It really is extraordinary and it demonstrates once again the contempt in which the Democratic establishment holds the American people.

Andrew Baldwin
Andrew Baldwin
4 years ago

If you are going to mention the problems with American voting, you should really mention the serious problem with illegal voting, which clearly will favour Biden over Trump in 2020 if Biden is the candidate. Jesse Richman was one of the co-authors of the peer-reviewed Richman-Chattha-Earnest study that estimated 6.4% of non-citizens voted in the 2008 presidential election of whom 81,8% voted Democrat and 17.5% Republican. Using the same parameters Professor Richman estimated about 1.29 million non-citizens voted illegally in 2016, accounting for about 0.83 million votes in Hillary Clinton’s popular vote margin over Donald Trump. It is easy to see just how fragile these numbers are if one thinks that Richman accepted the highly dubious Census 10% undercount of undocumented immigrants. If one only makes an adjustment for this, the number of illegal voters could rise to as much as 1.52 million and Clinton’s margin over Trump to 0.98 million. This of course ignores the other sources of illegal voting (e.g. voting by felons) which would also tend to favour the Democrats.

Gerald gwarcuri
Gerald gwarcuri
4 years ago

“Despite the hype, Sanders just isn’t turning out the young voters, new voters and Left-wing voters that he was counting on.”

Michigan exit polls:

Biden – 73% voters 65 and over
Sanders – 82% voters under 30

voters 65 and over were 23% of those voting
voters under 30 were 15% of those voting