April 10, 2024 - 5:30pm

→ Is Nicole Shanahan’s RFK Jr honeymoon over already?

It’s only been a few weeks since Robert F. Kennedy Jr unveiled his running mate to America. But already Nicola Shanahan, a former patent lawyer and ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergrey Brin, is facing some heat.

Worried about the threat posed by the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket to Joe Biden’s re-election, Democrat operatives are said to be digging for dirt on the potential next Veep. According to a new report in Semafor, former Bill Clinton adviser James Carville has been calling various Silicon Valley figures for some opposition research. This comes after Shanahan tweeted out a message from CBS, in which she claimed to have been pressured by Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna to reconsider her support for RFK.

Shanahan says that she is not a “public person”, but politics may force her to start playing dirty too.

→ Poles don’t want to go to war

Emmanuel Macron’s strongman act on sending troops to Ukraine doesn’t seem to have borne much fruit in other European countries. New polling shows that three-quarters of Poles don’t want any Nato army, including their own, to join Ukraine in its war against Russia.

This isn’t so much a rebuke to Macron as to his fellow fan of continental war, Polish Prime Minster Donald Tusk. It was Tusk, after all, who said in December that the West should be ready for “full mobilisation” to aid the Ukrainian effort.

Poland’s Foreign Minister further prodded the bear last week in calling for the establishment of a Nato mission in Ukraine, but stopped just short of saying that troops needed to enter the fray. All this disagreement with the electorate must remind Tusk of his time in Brussels…

→ Rishi Sunak bests Keir Starmer in escape room

Finally, Rishi Sunak can look at a poll without wincing. The British public has put aside the last 18 months and decided the Prime Minister is preferable to Keir Starmer. Well, in getting out of an escape room at least. A new J.L. Partners poll found that 34% believed the PM would be best at solving an escape room versus the 30% who back Starmer.

The poll also asked Britons which of the two party leaders perform better in particular social and practical tasks. Results show that voters think Sunak would be better than his Labour counterpart at negotiating a discount, but a meagre 13% believed the PM would be better at putting up a shelf than Starmer.