Finally, Rishi Sunak can look at a poll without wincing. The British public has put aside the last 18 months and decided the Prime Minister is preferable to Keir Starmer. Well, in getting out of an escape room at least. A new J.L. Partners poll found that 34% believed the PM would be best at solving an escape room versus the 30% who back Starmer.

The poll also asked Britons which of the two party leaders perform better in particular social and practical tasks. Results show that voters think Sunak would be better than his Labour counterpart at negotiating a discount, but a meagre 13% believed the PM would be better at putting up a shelf than Starmer.

Unfortunately, it looks like his winning form stops there. Starmer is preferred in every other area, from putting up a shelf to looking after respondents’ children whilst they’re out. When it comes to hosting a party, the two are dead level. What was that about party management?