June 8, 2020 - 11:00am

Corey Brooks is a moderate voice in a heated time. He is pastor and founder of the New Beginnings Church in the South Side of Chicago, an area that has been badly affected by looting and rioting in recent weeks. In today’s episode of Lockdown TV, the pastor spoke to Freddie Sayers about the damage this has caused, why the police are allowing looting, the failures of both liberal and conservative policies and cultural problems within the black community. He told us:

  • Banks, pharmacies and groceries stores in primarily black, impoverished parts of Chicago were hit hard by looting over the past week.
  • Police officers seemed to be standing down as this looting occurred – he saw at least one occasion where they allowed a store to be looted.
  • Solutions like defunding the police are misguided – “I don’t want to live in an area without police” — but reform is urgently necessary.
  • Both far-Left (Antifa) and far Right (white supremacists) are bringing damage to the country.
  • Donald Trump has made mistakes but he is still ‘my President’.
  • Obama’s management of the riots would have been different but not necessarily better.
  • There was a false dawn with Obama’s election — the racial situation did not improve under his presidency.
  • The black community needs to work on its own cultural challenges of violence, weak families and a lack of entrepreneurial ambition
  • Self-hatred in the community stems from generations of racism too.