March 4, 2021 - 11:22am

We wanted to tell you about our plans for the next phase of UnHerd and invite you to become a member.

We’ve had an incredible few years — our audience has grown enormously, and we have become one of the UK media’s standout success stories. With our brilliant team of editors and contributors, we’ve vigorously challenged “herd mentality” without sacrificing quality or thoughtfulness.

We’ve been lucky to have strong start-up backing, but if we want to become a long-term feature of the media landscape, we must become financially sustainable. So, we are launching a paid membership scheme — £1 a week, with a 25% reduction to 75p a week if you sign up in the next fortnight.

For now, this is not a “paywall” — you’ll still be able to read our articles and receive our emails. Members will receive an array of additional benefits: use of our fantastic new app (iPhone and Android), invitations to live interviews and Q&As, and top billing on our comments threads.

We think it’s a great offer, and hope you’ll snap up the earlybird discount (available to March 15th).

The need for true independent thinking has never been more urgent — with you on board, we’ll do our best to keep changing minds and challenging assumptions.

See you at the next members’ event!

Top Members’ Benefits: