A patriot on the streets, a raging anti-Zionist in the sheets. Following George Galloway’s shock Rochdale by-election win, a tweet has gone viral purporting to show two entirely distinct letters from the erstwhile Workers Party of Britain candidate.

One letter, for white households, looks as though it was airlifted straight out of the Tory manifesto. Centring on wooly themes of Britishness, family, and the importance of law and order, the letter reads: “I believe in peaceful change. I will fight for more and smarter policing. And I will expose any cover-up of crime”.

But in a letter purportedly for Muslim households, the tone is rather different: “A‘Salaam o Aleukum. The last 130 days have shocked the ummah to its core. The killing of thousands of our brothers and sisters in Gaza is a war crime, and Israel must be held to account”. Will the real George Galloway please stand up?