It’s the crossover nobody expected (or arguably wanted), but this week former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo joined Tucker Carlson to chat about life, muscle size, and much else.

It felt like just yesterday that both men were sitting atop their respective organisations, with Cuomo’s hard-hitting, nose-picking interviews with brother Andrew (then New York governor) regularly pulling in millions of viewers during the Covid era.

At the time, Carlson gleefully attacked Chris for these bits, but subsequently admitted in this week’s conversation that he had been a “dick”. Cuomo, for his part, sparred with Carlson over “cherry-picking” Jan 6 footage and for failing to press Vladimir Putin on Alexei Navalny’s death. It’s a long conversation — almost two hours in length — but well worth a watch. In the spirit of free and open discussion, maybe Jon Stewart could have a sit down with Joe Rogan?