After a day spent in court in his hush money trial Tuesday, Donald Trump did what any New Yorker would do: he swung by the bodega.

A professional organisation for bodegas expressed support for Trump that day in a statement urging a tougher response to crime from city leaders: “The Bodega and Small Business Group appreciates President Trump’s support on behalf of tougher enforcement for retail thieves that are making our stores more dangerous and less profitable at the same time.”

The Queens native took digs at Alvin Bragg, the DA who brought criminal charges against a bodega clerk who had killed a man in self defence two years earlier, and who is now prosecuting the former president. “He goes after guys like Trump who did nothing wrong. There are hundreds of murderers all over the city, they know who they are and they don’t pick them up. They go after Trump,” he said. There’s really nothing like chopping it up at the bodega.