After legalising same-sex marriage a little over a decade ago, Britain’s Government might be on the verge of another civil rights breakthrough: encouraging infirm pensioners to kill themselves. Following a Commons debate yesterday, MP and kangaroo-anus enthusiast Matt Hancock compared the need for assisted dying to the “legal choice over who to love” and “who we can marry”.

During the debate, Hancock stated that “the best palliative care in the world cannot prevent hugely painful deaths”, and stressed that “all of us should have the choice when we know for certain we’re facing such pain at the end that we can instead have a dignified and good death”. The ex-health secretary has long been an advocate for euthanasia, citing his love of freedom as a key reason behind the stance.

While Britons are increasingly adopting the same position, concerns have been raised that legalising the practice might lead to a situation similar to that in Canada, where voters have called for assisted dying for those who are homeless or living in poverty. Good to see that Hancock’s moral compass is operating as smoothly as ever.