Even recent claims that his uncle was eaten by cannibals donā€™t seem to be earning Joe Biden any love from Gen Z. New polling reveals that while the President leads rival Donald Trump by 45% to 37% among Americans aged 18-29, this margin is far smaller than the 23 points which separated the two during the 2020 election. More interesting, though, is the apparent age split within the younger generation.

This is because when looking at what the Harvard Youth Poll calls ā€œlikely votersā€, as distinct from the entire age group, Biden has a 26-point lead over Trump among those aged 25-29, yet is only ahead by 14 points when it comes to voters in the 18-24 bracket. Are younger Zoomers more conservative than the elder part of the cohort? Must be all the TikTok radicalisationā€¦