Olaf Scholz may be something of a Ukraine sceptic, but the German public seems to be moving in the opposite direction. According to a new ZDF poll, 42% of Germans now think there should be more military support sent from the West. Significantly, this is up by 11 points since February — meaning that the hold-up on US aid, as well as fears that Donald Trump will stop support for Ukraine altogether, may be worrying Germans.

This finding does come with the caveat that the German public doesn’t appear to believe Ukraine can win the war, however. The poll showed that only 8% expect the country to defeat Russia, down from 23% in August 2023. A total of 82% is “sceptical” that Ukraine can win. Is there any contradiction in these views? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if this research influences German policy. Boots on the ground, anyone?