Our new designs for mobile and desktop

March 23, 2018   < 1

I hope you approve of some of the evolutionary changes we’ve been making to UnHerd recently.

The biggest changes were made 36 hours ago – to our homepage designs. They delivered a much simpler format on mobile (which allows readers to see much more content quickly) and a new nine-part header on the desktop (which ensures most recent content is listed for longer).

I’m really pleased with the new formats but am less sure about adding the approximate reading times to the title section of each blog. The aim is to give readers a quick indication of which pieces can be read quickly and those which need more time.

Please use the HAVE YOUR SAY button above to let us know what you think about any of the changes – and of changes you’d like us to make.

Tim Montgomerie was most recently a columnist and comment editor for The Times of London. Before that journalistic turn he was steeped in centre right politics, founding the Conservative Christian Fellowship, then the Centre for Social Justice and, just over ten years ago, ConservativeHome.com.