March 2, 2018

When I made our Believers in Trump documentary, I was struck by how much sense the white evangelical vote for Trump makes once you’re in the States, spending time with his supporters. It’s difficult to understand from outside the US, but once you’re there it’s easy to see how the unlikely relationship between a crass, philandering President and God-fearing strict social conservatives has developed.

White evangelical Trump voters don’t approve of his moral character or behaviour, but they have found a way to justify their support for him, on the basis of their core issues. How did we get to this religious appropriation of a political leader? And could it happen in the UK?

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My UnHerd colleague Giles Fraser quizzed me about the people I’d met in the US, and brought in Pastor Clement Okusi of Eternity Church Croydon and UnHerd’s Flyover Editor Henry Olsen to consider where this surprising political and theological journey might take us.